Birth Date May 30th, 1998
Hometown New Jersey, United States
Occupation Host/Executive Producer
Years Active 2015-Present

EliteChris35, also known as Chris, is the host of Survivor. He also acts as the Executive Producer, working alongside the show's production team that he formed himself during the first season.


Chris was born in New Jersey (US) on May 30th, 1998, where he grew up to become a star-student in his educational career. Having attended one of the best high schools in New Jersey, he was set to succeed, especially with his profound knowledge in engineering, physics, and mathematics. In May of 2020 he graduated from Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey, in electrical and computer engineering.

Chris is the founder of an investment opportunity deemed "Pay it Forward". It was unsuccessful.

Chris is believed to be single, but is surrounded by numerous fans, family, and friends who support him regardless of his personal issues.

Hosting Career

In 2015, he officially became the host of Minecraft Survivor, being the lead producer for Minecraft Survivor: Unlisted, where it became an instant-flop due to only 2 episodes being released.

In 2017, news struck the internet that the starstruck host was attempting another season, deemed "Sherwood". People soon caught wind of it and the rumor was true; Minecraft Survivor: Sherwood was created as a direct sequel to Season 0, making it the first official season of Minecraft Survivor.

Since Minecraft Survivor: Sherwood, Chris has been the lead host and executive producer for the show. To this day, he is still hosting and producing content for viewers to watch, and is gaining subs by the day.

On August 7th, 2018, Chris' YouTube channel reached a milestone of 1000 subscribers, allowing him to apply for monetization of his channel.


  • Chris keeps the torch-snuffers after each season. What a collection he must have.
  • Chris shares the name with one of his contestants from Roraima: TheChrisanthemum. What a coincidence!
    • This would be followed up by 3 more people named Chris in The Nile: Chris Blue, Chris K, and Koko (whose name is Christian). Biased much?
  • According to recent interviews, Chris is terrified of the color pink, which means that it won't ever be a tribe color in his show.
  • Chris likes to change original lines from CBS' Survivor to fit his own show.
    • A distinct example of this is during any tribal council.
  • Chris has played in 8 seasons of Minecraft Survivor, yet hasn't won a single time. What a gamer.
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