The Minecraft Survivor medical team is an on-site team aimed to assist any illness, injury, or side-effect from playing the game through the 8+ hour recording session. If at any point medical attention is required, either a castaway is in need or the host calls the medics for help. The medical team makes an appearance to help better the situation overall. Additionally, the medical team is on-site to help aid the host with any precautionary material needed for challenges, tribal, camps, etc., since it would be in their expertise to advise against any harmful or detrimental actions that the castaways must undergo to be on the show.

The team currently consists of one doctor from Canada - Sinuar. Sinuar is a redound surgeon operating at Canada's most finest hospital in Ottawa. Though he has a rough work schedule working as a surgeon, Sinuar left his job to accompany EliteChris35 in aid for Season 3, seeing as it has the most amount of castaways than any season prior. Sinuar's role in this season and season's to come are to help aid any castaway that is AFK, hurt, dying, or unable to play, and try to cooperate with that to 'rebound' them back into healthy conditions. Most notably, Sinuar came to aid in Season 3 whenever EchoMaster22 was unable to speak at the microphone and was not moving in-game. Sinuar was at the scene to use voodoo-magic to wake Echo up and allow him to continue playing in the season.


Sinuar, the only member of the medical team, currently.

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