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Contestant Profile
Nickname(s) Hope

Ha Long

Tribe(s) O' ngoai
Trung Tam
Placement Sole Survivor (1/14)
Alliance(s) A-Dawg, Beybak
Challenge(s) Won 9
Vote(s) Against 4
Days 30


Tribe(s) Kontrabida
► Estrelya
Placement 11/16
Alliance(s) Allranks
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 4
Days 18

Penguin1133, also known as Hope, is the Sole Survivor of Minecraft Survivor: Ha Long. She also competed in Minecraft Survivor: Ligao.

Hope was nominated for the Fan Favorite Award for her participation in Minecraft Survivor: Ha Long, but was beat by Sinuar. She was the second place recipient for the award.


Name: Hope
Age: 16
Current Residence: Massachusetts, US
Occupation: Personal Chef
Tribe Designation: O' ngoai
Hobbies: Cooking, Swimming, Photography
Pet Peeves: Oh here we go.... legit check my Main ORG profile and you can see them all.
3 Words to Describe You: Social, Manipulative, Creative
If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why?: A fueled private jet with a pilot inside, a fully furnished mansion, and a self replenishing fridge.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I've seen previous seasons and they look very well put together. I'm definitely excited to see how much fun it is to actually play rather than watch. Plus, I think that I have what it takes to do well in the game, and even win!

Why You Think You Will be the Sole SURVIVOR?:I think my social game, physical game, and strategic game will get me the win. I do believe my likability will help me make allies this season and my challenge performances will keep me in the game, while the more strategical side of me will emerge when it needs to.

Name: Hope
Age: 16
Tribe Designation: Kontrabida
Current Residence: Massachusetts, United States
Personal Claim to Fame: My personal claim to fame was when I beat the record for most individual immunities won in a season!
Pet Peeves: Oh Lordy here we go. I hate people who do bad things, know it, and don’t apologize, people who chew with their mouth open, wet dogs, people who do things to intentionally hurt people, people who are close minded, and many more.
Previous Finishes: Ha Long: Winner
Favorite Past Moment: My favorite moments were well, obviously me winning and I would say Vision not winning.
Previous Contestant She Respects Most: "I really respect "
Previous Contestant She Respects Least: "I definitely respect all of the winners so far. Being one myself it’s no easy task to get all the way to the end and pull ahead of your opponents."

Why Did He Come Back?: I came back because I was very anxious the first time I played because I wanted to win. Now that I’ve done that, I can take a chill pill and really just enjoy the game and the experience.


Ha Long

On Day 1, Hope was selected to be on the Extrovert tribe for being seen as an outgoing person. At camp on Day 2, Hope created a good vibe for herself with her tribe mates, which in result got herself pulled into an alliance by Breydon and Foration, and then reliable bonds with Aussie. At the first Immunity Challenge, Hope and the rest of her tribe were able to finish the challenge before the Introverts, preventing the tribe from visiting the first Tribal. On Day 4, sides of the Extroverts tribe began to shift around Hope, putting herself in the middle, and being able to prevent herself from being a target when she showed herself off as a reliable competitor in Immunity Challenges. The Extroverts tribe then went on to continue shifting sides and names being shot everywhere, especially after Aussie and Beybak found the Immunity Idol Shard which caused a spark between Breydon and Aussie.

After a catastrophic lose in the 4th Immunity Challenge, that was primarily caused by Xcync, the tribe felt a huge discomfort towards Breydon after he attacked Xcync's unreliable ability in the game at all. This caused Hope to lose all trust in Breydon and looked for better opportunities with Aussie's side, which proved to herself as Breydon was voted off 5-2, after Breydon's torch was snuffed he warned the tribe of Hope's liability. After the vote off of Breydon, Foration expressed himself being at the bottom to Hope, where Hope decided to shift sides in order to vote off Aussie for being another threat. At the fifth Immunity Challenge, the Extroverts lost once again, and at camp the tribe was pulling to vote Foration off. Hope and Foration tried convincing people on Aussie's side to vote him off, as Hope was viewing him as a threat. After Hope tried convincing Beybak to vote him off, Beybak called Hope out at the night's Tribal Council and deemed her as untrustworthy. After the circulating events at the tribal, Hope barely made it out alive as Foration was voted off 3-2-1.

The day before merge, Hope's tribe tried to make amens with her in order to stick together in merge as a tribe, however Hope didn't back her thoughts down about backstabbing the tribe. At merge and the aftermath of Xcync's quit from the game, Hope immediately put her thoughts on amending with the Introverts; her words to people on the Introverts tribe pulled her into a reward feast that Happy won in order to tempt her more into flipping on her tribe. After Sinuar won the first Immunity Challenge, Hope quickly gathered numbers from the Introverts tribe to ensure that Aussie would leave the game, which then happened in a 5-2-1 vote.

After Aussie's vote off, Hope won the second Individual Immunity Challenge; securing her spot in the final 6. At camp, the former Extroverts were able to blend into the camp and Hope started trying to split the votes to target Sinuar and Happy, then flipping again over to voting off Beybak but then decided to vote off Happy, however she then ultimately decided to vote off Beybak (Editors note: That's actually what went down) . At tribal, Hope was called out by Sinuar when he found out Hope was saying his name, Hope denied any wrongdoing and Sinuar then used an idol on himself. The idol proved to be a waste as Happy was voted off 3-2-1-0. At the third Individual Immunity challenge, Sinuar won his second immunity which put Hope in jeopardy. However, the only person who was saying Hope's name was Brady and Hope's final 3 deal with Beybak and A-Dawg kept suspicion of Hope out of the air. That night Andre was voted off by the final 3 deal for being the only person who couldn't have an idol.

A day later, Hope won her second Individual Immunity against Sinuar in a close battle. At camp the A-Dawg and Beybak wanted Hope to vote off Sinuar due to his entire game being exposed about the idol shards and the jury relationships. Sinuar and Brady wanted Beybak to be voted off for the same reason, making Hope the swing vote. At tribal, Hope decided to make it a tie to see where the votes would fall for sure, and she then voted off Beybak for not being able to trust him and so Sinuar could throw the challenge to her. In the final 4, Hope won her third Individual Immunity to secure her spot in the final 3, and at camp Hope and A-Dawg talked about voting off Sinuar offically. At tribal, Brady and Hope caused a tie and both agreed to give them a chance in the fire-making challenge, and due to Sinuar's terrible texture pack, A-Dawg won the challenge.

In the final 3 Immunity Challenge, Hope won against both A-Dawg and Brady by a long shot and at camp all the finalists discussed on why they should go to the final 2 with her. Due to Brady being much more strategic than A-Dawg's game, Hope voted Brady out in order to have a better case towards the jury. In the Final Tribal Council, Hope credited her game to be the most physical, strategic, and social over A-Dawg's and was able to outwit all the castaways. The jury as well complimented her gameplay and how she played the best game over everyone, and this proved to be right as Hope won in a staggering 6-1 vote against A-Dawg; thus making her the sole survivor of Minecraft Survivor: Ha Long.

Voting History

Hope's Voting History
Episode Hope's
Voted against
1 O' ngoai Tribe Immune
2 O' ngoai Tribe Immune
3 O' ngoai Tribe Immune
4 Breydon -
5 Beybak Beybak, Foration
6 Aussie A-Dawg
7 Beybak Individual Immunity
8 Andre Brady
9 Brady;
Individual Immunity
10 Sinuar Individual Immunity
Brady Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Hope
Aussie, Happy, Andre,
Beybak, Sinuar, Brady
Sole Survivor, Day 30



Voting History

Hope's Voting History
Episode Hope's
Voted against
1 Kontrabida Tribe Immune
2 Kontrabida Tribe Immune
3 Gamer -
4 Kontrabida Tribe Immune
5 Estrelya Tribe Immune
6 Jerry Allranks, Caleb,
Jacal, Kyle
Voted Off, Day 18


Statistics of Penguin1133
Seasons competed: 2
Days lasted: 48
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins: 10
Individual wins: 4
Total wins: 14
Tribal Council
Total votes received: 4
  • Hope is the second female winner of Chris' Survivor.
  • Hope sets the record for most individual immunities with 4. AllRanks ties this record in Ligao.
    • Hope is one of only two castaways to win individual immunity in Ha Long, the other being Sinuar.
  • Hope is the first (and currently, only) castaway to win the Final Immunity Challenge when there were three people remaining.
  • Hope is one of three castaways who had a different skin in another season they competed in, the others being Jacal and Bunboy.
    • Hope is the only female and the only Sole Survivor in this group.
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