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Editor's Rules

With being an active editor on this Wiki, you must oblige to the following rules to prevent any unruly behavior:

  1. There will be a no-tolerance policy on griefing pages. Any unauthorized edits that contain misrepresented, biased, or corrupt information to the pages on this Wiki will result in a punishment (see below).
  2. Any information posted on this Wiki must be the truth and cannot be stretched. If you choose to edit a page, please pay attention to accuracy, as people read pages for candid material.
  3. If you have any questions as to what is allowed on pages, feel free to message Sooner or Chris on Discord, whom can correct or point you in the right direction of standards.
  4. When editing, please try to write with appropriate spelling, grammar, and to the code of the English language. If continuous edits with mistakes in grammar, spelling, or punctuation are made, your rights as editor might be revoked.
  5. When submitting an edit, please add a description detailing what you changed, added, or are submitting.
  6. Racist, harassing, slander, or any act of defamation will result in a punishment. This is a no-tolerance issue.
  7. If you have played on the show, please be sure to refrain from editing your season's page, descriptions, and details, as it will reduce the amount of bias towards those source materials.
    • Likewise, please refrain from editing previous season's pages if the descriptions, tags, details, etc. have already been completed. Re-writing pages is simply not allowed, unless a thorough complaint is made about the information stated.
  8. Please be respectful with the Wiki admins' decisions. Their acts are final and are subject to their own discretion as they see fit. Arguing, verbally disagreeing, or disrespect to the admins about their decision will result in a further punishment, if applicable. A list of admins can be seen below.


As with any set of rules, breaking them will result in a punishment. Below is a list of punishments that are up to discretion. Continuous rule-breaking can transpire to the production's discretion to remove your rights from participating in future seasons of the show.

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