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Contestant Profile
Nickname(s) Sooner

Ivory Coast

Tribe(s) Sang
► Diamant
Placement Sole Survivor (1/15)
Alliance(s) Dim
Gamer, Derpy
Jacal, Echo
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 2
Days 32


Tribe(s) Kontrabida
Placement 12/16
Alliance(s) Gamer, JT
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 2
Days 15

SoonerOrLater, also known as Sooner, is the Sole Survivor of Minecraft Survivor: Ivory Coast. He also competed on Minecraft Survivor: Ligao.

Sooner was nominated for the Fan Favorite Award for his participation in Minecraft Survivor: Ivory Coast, but was defeated by EchoMaster22. He was the third place recipient for the award.


Name: Sooner
Age: 19
Current Residence: New Mexico, US.
Occupation: Electrical Engineering Student
Tribe Designation: Sang
Personal Claim to Fame: I maintain a high-GPA for being an engineering student, which is something that I think is worth congratulating myself for.
Hobbies: I'm a gamer, avid programmer, and offroad-driver (on my free-time).
Pet Peeves: People who flip last minute, people who think they're 'tough shit', people who are annoying, and people named Jacal, I can't stand that guy (/sarcasm).
3 Words to Describe You: Ambivalent, dauntless, and un-feckless.
If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why?: A deck of cards, a hat, and a wall-size crossword puzzle.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I haven't played on Chris' Survivor yet. I feel that I would do fairly well, as I have gotten either runner up or winner on all the Survivor's I've played previously, so I'm hoping to continue my 'winning'-streak.
Why You Think You Will be the Sole SURVIVOR?: I'm a mischievous player; I'm willing to backstab and do things to advance myself in the game. I think a lot with my head, not with my heart. I'm not afraid to make moves, which is something that cannot be said for the vast majority of this community. I'm not a complainer, I'm a strategic do-er.

Name: Sooner
Age: 20
Tribe Designation: Kontrabida
Current Residence: New Mexico, United States
Personal Claim to Fame: "In real life, I'm studying one of the harder curricula. With being an EE major, I'd say that my book-smarts and adept ability to succeed in school are what I call my personal claim to fame. On MC Survivor, I was the winner for Ivory Coast, and was able to claim 6 of the 8 jury votes and only have 2 votes cast against me throughout the season. Up to now, I am the only winner to get that close to a perfect win."
Pet Peeves: Oh boy, this is a lot. People who use "Queen" sarcastically. People who describe themselves or their idols as "Queen". People who don't recognize their own mistakes (everyone makes them). People who are cocky but don't notice that they are cocky. People who don't put their all into the game they're playing. People who blast others for the game they've played or the lack of game thereof. People who don't flush the toilet after they use it. People who don't wash out the sink after they spit in it while brushing their teeth. People who leave the sun-visor down in vehicles after they leave. I can stand most of everyone except Jacal, I can't stand that guy (sarcasm).
Previous Finishes: Ivory Coast: Winner
Favorite Past Moment: In all honesty, I don't have a favorite moment, because I really enjoyed S3 overall. Winning was a high-point, of course, but that's an easy answer. I would say that my favorite moment was giving Dim a fake idol before his vote-out, so that he would trust me a little more to vote me in the jury. That, or the conversation I had with Jacal prior to his vote-out. I enjoyed that moment because it showed how I am as a player - sneaky, friendly, and strategic. Talking to him was nice because it was a great getaway from the game, even when I knew that he was going to be the target. Getting close to those who were about to be voted out and getting to know them on a personal level was great for my strategy to win and for the personalities that I encountered in the game. I like to think of it as the "Last Meal" (like Death Row "Last Meal") of MC Survivor. Getting to know these people before they leave, seeing them enjoy one last grimace of hope before they're inevitably voted out.... that's why I enjoy this moment. Jacal's conversation was personal as he is a really nice guy, so seeing him somewhat show some hopefulness was a great site to see.
Previous Contestant He Respects Most: Kyle (Sherwood). Out of everyone in the series' past, I respect him because he has this "anti-hero" concept going for him, which I think describes both my game and his. He was a hero in that he played with his soul and put his all into the game, but was willing to cut people for the sake of HIS game. The people I respect most are those who are willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if it means pissing a few people off. He was smart, cunning, and had the ability to make friendships, but ultimately, he was there to win.
Previous Contestant He Respects Least: Derpy (Ivory Coast). Derpy played to get third place. He didn't play to win, and he did a lousy attempt to even try playing. He couldn't follow directions in the season, and only followed orders without having his own agenda (outside of Dim's voteout, which I'll give him kuddos for). He quit midway through the FTC, so that made it THAT much worse. He is the ultimate GOAT who had no reason of making it past Final 14.

Why Did He Come Back?: To win, of course. I want to be the first two-time winner. If you're coming back to play anything but the game, you're in the wrong gameshow.


Ivory Coast

Sooner started on the Sang Tribe and got himself into alliances to gain trust with people on his tribe. After going on a short winning streak, his tribe lost the 3rd Immunity Challenge. At camp, Sooner along with Dim convinced Infernox to flip sides and vote off Nick 3-2. At Tribe Swap, Sooner luckily was chosen to be on the new Diamant tribe which won both Immunity Challenges, guaranteeing himself a spot on the merge.

At merge, Sooner joined in the alliance of returnees to vote off the growing alliance of Ayda, Gamer, and Derpy. Sooner voted out Derpy at the 1st Merge Tribal which ended up not succeeding over the 4 votes against Dizzy. After Dizzy was voted off, Sooner got into the alliance of 5 to maintain his status of being in the majority to take out the remaining returnees. Sooner started becoming being an open eye in alliances and voted off Jacal at the 2nd Merge Tribal.

After Jacal getting voted out and Echo being the only remaining returnee left in the game, Sooner began setting up more bonds with the rest of the camp. After winning Individual Immunity he ended up plotting the blindside of Dim and then going along with the 3 person alliance of Derpy, Ayda, and Gamer on voting off Jaiden. The 3 person alliance then succeeded over Sooner and Echo in the final 5 and voted off Echo. Sooner, likely being a lone man standing, won the final Individual Immunity challenge and voted off Gamer.

Sooner was able to backtrack a well written gameplay and do good Jury management and was titled the Sole Survivor of Ivory Coast with a over rising vote of 6-1-1.

Voting History

Sooner's Voting History
Episode Sooner's
Voted against
1 Sang Tribe Immune
2 Sang Tribe Immune
3 Nick -
4 Diamant Tribe Immune
5 Diamant Tribe Immune
6 Derpy -
7 Jacal Ayda, Gamer
8 Dim Individual Immunity
9 Jaiden -
10 Ayda -
10 Gamer Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Sooner
Infernox, Miller, Jacal,
Dim, Jaiden, Gamer
Sole Survivor, Day 32



Voting History

Sooner's Voting History
Episode Sooner's
Voted against
1 Kontrabida Tribe Immune
2 Kontrabida Tribe Immune
3 Allranks -
4 Kontrabida Tribe Immune
5 JT Brady, Infernox
Voted Off, Day 15


Statistics of SoonerOrLater
Seasons competed: 2
Days lasted: 47
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins: 9
Individual wins: 2
Total wins: 11
Tribal Council
Total votes received: 4
  • Prior to the game, Sooner was in a verbal-dispute with his girlfriend, whom threatened to leave him if he played in the season. As a result, he decided to spend the day playing in Ivory Coast, instead of with his girlfriend.
  • Sooner is a former HiveMC moderator. He worked for roughly 2 years before resigning in late 2015.
  • After his win of Season 3, Sooner is the closest to receiving perfect-win status in Minecraft Survivor history, with him receiving 6 of the 8 votes of the jury at the Final Tribal Council and only having 2 votes cast against him throughout the season.
    • To date, he is still the closest castaway to winning with a perfect-win status.
  • Sooner has an alter ego named SpoonerAndNow, an Oklahoma native.
  • Sooner is the first of two Sole Survivors located out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, with Bringleboy being the second.
  • Sooner is the only former Sang member to be swapped to Diamant at the tribe switch.
    • However, Dim was not chosen to be on a tribe, but ended up back on Sang after Infernox was voted out.
  • Sooner is the first Sole Survivor to switch tribes before the merge.
  • Sooner is the first castaway to win the Final Immunity Challenge and go on to win the season.
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